We are partnering with the world class best technology in order provide world class enterprise cyber security solution to its customers

Customer Identity & Management Access

Streamline user access and protect customer data with our advanced Customer Identity and Access Management solution. Enable MFA for enhanced security and simplify account management with self-service features.

Web Application & API Protection (WAAP)

Protect your data from theft and cyber-attacks with our comprehensive Web Application and API Protection solution. Safeguard your network with advanced capabilities including API activity monitoring, web application security, and DDoS protection.

Data Security

Protect your valuable assets and data from theft and cyber-attacks. Automate detection, protection, and risk response across legacy and modern cloud environments. Gain risk visibility and ensure compliance with our centralized data security solution.


Mobile Security Element

Protect your mobile devices from cyber-attacks with our Ultra High-Grade Security solution. Features include strong authentication, secure mobile app, mobile biometrics, and application protection for seamless authentication and document signing.


Our E-Wallet solution offers instant payment and notification capabilities. Easily connect to any payment means and use existing banking cards and accounts. Transfer money and pay for goods securely with our secure and convenient E-Wallet solution.

Merchant Management

Manage merchant portfolios with our comprehensive and flexible merchant management solution. Our platform offers customizable solutions for merchants of all sizes, with or without complex hierarchy. Perfect for local, global and Multinational Merchant.

Terminal Driver

Enhance security, speed up transactions, and improve customer experience with our terminal driver solution. Simplify management of your ATM and POS systems, strengthen self-service capabilities, and streamline payment processing. Discover the power of our advanced technology today.

Card Management

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with our advanced card management platform. Streamline issuer business, manage card portfolios, and enhance customer satisfaction in the banking and financial industry. Discover the power of modern technology for secure payment card solutions.

EFT Switch

Experience seamless and flawless omni-channel authorization and transactions across multiple channels with the most reliable EFT Switch solution. Our Open API and microservices-based solution delivers superior performance in the mission-critical world of electronic payment transaction processing.