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Customer Identity & Management Access

Enables organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, as well as control customer access to applications and services We provide a combination of features including customer registration, self service account management, consent and preference management, single sign on (multi factor authentication (access management, directory services and data access governance).

Video Streaming & Management Platform

Simplifies the delivery of video to every destination and device with the most complete video tool set available. Whether your organization just starting out with video or building your business around it, our SaaS video streaming and management platform lets you scale as you grow with zero growing pains. 

Container Management Platform

Helping organization to build an Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy and to manage any certified Kubernetes distribution (GKE, EKS, AKS, etc.). Container Management Platform makes it easy to run Kubernetes everywhere, meet IT requirements, and empower your DevOps team.

Omni-Channel Contact Centre

An omni-channel contact centre solutions that empowers any enterprise to handle communications through voice, email, and messaging (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.) with customers effectively by enabling its contact centres to provide consistent, high quality service in real time with excellent return on investment.


Monitoring Tools

Since FSI Industry has implemented various technology in their environment, companies need justification for their running systems. Our solution covers connectivity monitoring, host monitoring, VoIP Monitoring, and Threshold Monitoring. In that case, clients can prevent undesirable events and speeding up on tracing an issue upon raised issue.

Front Office Solution

A Comprehensive suite of software solutions supporting different aspects of the bank's daily operation. Front office interactions with its clients and partners. The solution combines multi channel enablement with advanced CRM capacity to ensure ubiquitous client servicing, optimize the bank's operations and to explore new cross selling opportunities.

Customer Communication Management

An enterprise communication platform enables your business to consistently deliver relevant personalized messages, at the right time through the preferred channel. This intelligent use of communication has enabled clients to build loyalty that lasts, while driving down costs, reaching new markets and customers.


API Management & Service Mesh

Easily implement service mesh patterns across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Service mesh allows organizations to address microservices challenges related to security, reliability, and observability by abstracting inter-service communication into a mesh layer.

Mobile Security Element

Ultra High Grade Security Simplified – Level 4: Strong Authentication + Secure Smartphone App. Used Cases: Mobile Identity, Smart Token (OTP/PKI), Secure Messaging, Mobile Biometrics, Application Protection, Seamless Authentication, Document Signing, Electronic KYC.

Messaging Test Tools

 Our testing solution is an off-the-shelf software package, provides deep functionality for all manner of EFT simulation and testing including POS, ATM, interchange (VISA/Mastercard) and other channel operations that rely on financial messaging.

Fraud Management

An extensive and stand-alone fraud solution monitoring in real-time or near real-time authorizations coming from any systems. Provide complete workflow management allows fraud team (manager and analyst) to manage all opened cases and have easy access to key information regarding the case in few screens to make the right decision.


A white-label mobile payment solution, with instant payment and instant notification capabilities, providing its own prepaid account or connecting to any external payment means. Once enrolled in the platform, customers can use their embedded prepaid account or any of their existing banking cards and banking accounts as source of funds to transfer money or pay goods.

Merchant Management

Comprehensive merchant management back-end platform enabling acquirers to tailor specific solutions for any kind of merchant from small to large, with or without complex hierarchy. Ability to manage merchant portfolios in different countries and for different acceptance institutions, meets the needs of local, global, and multinational merchants.

Terminal Driver

A way powerful, comprehensive and self-service solution that enables financial institutions and retailers to manage, secure, and get more out of their ATM and POS systems and networks. 

Card Management

A robust and powerful card issuance and management platform based on modern technology for all cards (debit, credit, prepaid) that can help banks to overcome challenges related to issuer business, and manage their cards portfolios in a reliable and efficient manner, while keeping operational costs to a minimum.

EFT Switch

Support all payment networks services and seamlessly enables omni-channel authorization and transactions switching. A performance expected in the mission-critical world of electronic payment transaction processing which based on Open API and microservices.